Mar 23, 2014

Asiga Pico 3d printer with solid state UV LED light source

Asiga Pico is specialist 3d printer with size of a small kitchen countertop appliance. It is designed with jewelry, dental and medical industry in mind. It produces wax polymer casting for metal parts or uses medical grade biocompatible resin for things like hearing aids. It is priced at USD 6990. It comes with Asiga Composer software.

The Pico is the first 3D printer of its kind to use a solid state UV LED light source. The LED lifetime is up to 50,000 hours and is not classed as a consumable, unlike other systems. The result is consistent curing from layer to layer, day after day, year after year. UV light allows broader materials choices, such as water-clear and pure white materials.
The Pico now has an improved resolution of 39 micron pixel size with a build envelope of 40 x 30mm (X and Y), and a build height of 75mm (Z). With the ability to grow parts in 1 micron increments in Z, the Pico is ideal for high resolution applications such as dental, jewelry and hearing. When building at 50 micron layers, the Pico achieves a build speed of approximately 6mm p/hr.

Pico PDF brochure: