Feb 16, 2014

Topper infill algorithm for your 3d models

I just found this. Topper is an algorithm to create different infill structures for your 3d printed models. It requires CGAL and OpenSCAD. Input models must be in .off format, while output files can be in any format openSCAD supports (which are .stl / .off / .csg).
If anyone has any experience or practical examples let me know.

Commentators on Reddit claim:
Theoretically, it offers support on a large number of force planes where 2D infill patterns will be vulnerable along certain force planes.
In practice, I don't think this effect is at all important and the weakness of the layering process will always be more significant than some kind of theoretical issue with force planes.
Traditional infill is already alright, but this is several steps closer to optimizing strength per unit weight. This will be useful for people printing for niche applications (model airplanes/quadrocopters, architecture, printing expensive materials, etc)

For a similar approach with fractal strength increase, see: