Feb 23, 2014

Sketchfab - 3d model sharing and embedding (Update: now with repository functionality)

Sketchfab is a web service to publish, share and embed interactive 3D models online in real-time without plugin.

Here is 3D Printshow's Andrew Critchlow interview with Alban Denoyel from Sketchfab on 3d Printshow in NYC 2014.

Formats supported by Sketchfab:
  • Blender (.blend),
  • Collada (.dae),
  • Wavefront (.obj),
  • FBX (.fbx),
  • Design Web Format (.dwf),
  • OpenSceneGraph (.osg, osgt, osgb, ive),
  • 3DS (.3ds),
  • Lightwave (.lwo, .lws),
  • Polygon File Format (.ply),
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Language (.wrl), 
  • Open Inventor (.iv),
  • Shape (.shp),
  • Standard Tessellation Language (.stl),
  • Biovision Hierarchy (.bvh),
  • Open Flight (.flt),
  • ac3d (.ac),
  • DirectX (.x),
  • Designer Workbench (.dw),
  • 3DC point cloud (.3dc),
  • carbon graphics Inc (.geo),
  • Generic Tagged Arrays (.gta),
  • Keyhole Markup Language (.kmz)


Sketchfab just added a download functionality making it into 3d model repository.