Feb 8, 2014

Robocular 3d scanner

New 3d scanners are emerging, it is good to see every development ...

Robocular just finished a Kickstarter:


Technical Features from their Kickstarter page:

  • The Robocular 3D Scanner combines high quality components with high quality software to create 3D models that are very close representations of the real object.
  • Our scanners all use 5mW green line lasers for increased resolution and accuracy.Why is green better than red? CMOS color webcams have twice as many green pixel receptors as red, allowing us to capture a much higher number of clear points.
  • The scanner contains one HD camera to measure the laser. 
  • We use high gear steppers and a positional feedback system to get angular resolution that is 0.1 degrees or better. This allows us to know the position of the turntable to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees or better (we are planning on making that even better). Right now we consistently measure 13 bits of angular precision. Also, if the object is heavy and the turntable motor skips we know about it.
  • We use in-house novel software and algorithms to capture geometry, color and texture and combine the three to get the best looking model. We've modified and created new algorithms that can do this quickly and consistently.
  • Our standard scanner contains a servo guided laser that increases the number of angles that can be seen (image below)
  • Our standard scanner uses a movable assembly to be able to capture multiple scans of the same thing
  • An enclosure surrounds the scanner so that colors and lighting can be properly selected, while keeping the lasers contained within the box. By keeping it in an enclosure, you don't have to worry about external lighting - usually when it's dark outside the laser will look great but the colors won't be visible, and when it's light the laser will barely appear but the colors will. Our scanner controls its environment by using its own white LED system. Having an enclosure also adds an extra layer of protection to eye safety by keeping it isolated.

Robocular comes in two sizes: Standard and Mini

Robocular Standard specs:
  • Full color/textured 3D Scanning
  • 4,000 steps per turn
  • HD camera
  • Servo-controlled green line laser
  • 9" low-slip turntable
  • 9" scanning height
  • Movable camera/assembly
  • Millions of points per pass
  • Starting at 699$

Robocular Mini specs:
  • Full color/textured 3D Scanning
  • 4,000 steps per turn
  • HD camera
  • Two fixed green line lasers
  • 7" low-slip turntable
  • 7" scanning height
  • Millions of points per pass
  • Starting at 499$


Robocular Standard and Mini