Feb 15, 2014

Robobeast 3d printer from South Africa - sturdy machine designed for prosthetic hand printing in developing countries

South African Richard van As developed Robobeast 3d printer, specially designed to print prosthetic hands in rough environment of developing countries.

RoboBeast is designed to be ‘bulletproof’. It requires no set-up software tweaks, or mechanical adjustment of the frame before you print. It’s designed to be thrown in the back of a Land Rover, carted off into the bush, and to start working as soon as the power is on. You can move it during operation and the print head stays steady: it can even print if flipped upside down. 
Using software tweaks inherited from Quentin Harley’s RepRap Morgan, RoboBeast’s extruder head will also be able able to calibrate itself to compensate for any movement in the print bed, ensuring evenly layered prints regardless of whether or not the machine is level.To make it easy to operate, RoboBeast’s SD card is loaded with preconfigured RoboHand models in a variety of sizes. Recipients just need to tap the correct size on the touchscreen and wait

Here is the main site of RoboHand, 3d printable prosthetic hand:

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