Feb 2, 2014

Robjects 3d printable modular robotics building system by Jaidyn Edwards

Description by the Robjects designer, Jaidyn Edwards:
Robjects simply mean 'Robotics objects'. You can 3D print various connectors and blocks that interlock with each other to make bigger and more complex designs than what hot glue and foam board is capable of.
Prototyping robot designs can often be frustrating. Whilst I do love hot glue and double sided foam tape, they can leave a nasty residue on your parts.
To solve this I wanted to come up with a system that allowed me to turn my robotics components (Servos, Arduino etc.) into a modular system that would allow me to quickly prototype designs, but also make those designs permanent.
Robjects is what I came up with.
Through a series of male and female dovetails your parts will simply slide together. This way you can layout your whole robot design, be it a 6WD beast, or a 2WD obstacle avoider. Once you are happy with your design M3 nuts can be places in the male dovetail nut traps. M3X20 socket head screws can then go through the female dovetail into the male dovetails nut trap.
Robjects are still very much a work in progress.
There are a lot more blocks that need to be modelled and I am still considering different connector options. I am putting them up on Thingiverse now because I need your help. I've only just made a 3D printer of my own and I don't know how the system will work on others, my tolerances may be wrong, the numbers could be way out of line. So far all my pieces fit perfectly and the set screws hold them together like a rock.

Robjects on Thingiverse: