Feb 17, 2014

QU-BD RPM Rapid Prototyping Mill 3d printer and powerful mill hybrid

RPM is machine in beta, hybrid dual extruder 3d printer / mill with ball screw movement, high power motors and strong mill head. Construction looks very sturdy and high quality.

  • it should become open source printer
  • Frame Material: CNC Machined Billet Aluminum, Anodized 
  • Frame Hardware: Fully Countersunk Stainless Socket Cap Screws (Metric)
  • Bed Material: 3/8" Thick Basalt (a volcanic glass) | Ground Flat | Will Not Sag Or Warp When Heated
  • Heated Bed: Yes, Silicone Rubber | Fast, Even Heating
  • Maximum Size 3D Printable Object (with single extruder installed)
  • Approximately X-Axis 12.61" Y-Axis 13.11" Z-Axis 10.84" = 1792 cubic inches
  • Minimum Layer Height .1mm or Lower
  • Maximum Millable Object Size (based on Medium Duty 1HP Spindle)
  • Approximately X-Axis 9.61" Y-Axis 10.11" Z-Axis 10.84"
  • Printable Materials | Millable Materials
  • ABS, PLA. Polycarbonate | Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Wood etc.
  • Linear Motion X | Y | Z
  • X-Axis 5/8" dia Precision Ball Screw w/ 1/2" dia Precision Linear Bearings
  • Y-Axis 5/8" dia Precision Ball Screw w/ 5/8" dia Precision Linear Bearings
  • Z-Axis 5/8" dia Precision Ground ACME Screws (One on Each Corner)
  • Motors X | Y | Z
  • X-Axis NEMA 23 22kg*cm Bi-Polar Stepper Motor (Texas Instruments Based Stepper Drivers)
  • Y-Axis Dual NEMA 23 22kg*cm Bi-Polar Stepper Motors (Texas Instruments Based Stepper Drivers)
  • Z-Axis NEMA 23 22kg*cm Bi-Polar Stepper Motor (Texas Instruments Based Stepper Drivers)
  • Maximum Mechanical Accuracy At Full Stepping / 32x Microstepping (yes 32x)
  • X-Axis .0003 Inches / .00001 Inches
  • Y-Axis .0003 Inches / .00001 Inches
  • Z-Axis .00016 Inches / .000005 Inches
  • Shipping Weight w/o Spindle 70lbs
  • Electronics: Azteeg X3 (
  • Firmware: Marlin ... Testing Custom Firmware & Software
  • Stepper Drivers: Texas Instruments Based Drivers w/ 32x Microstepping
  • Power Supply: 24v (Most Likely 450w)
  • Extruder: Single X-Truder w/ Dual Capable for Future Add On
  • Filament: 1.75mm ABS, PLA, Laywoo, Polycarbonate, Nylon, PEEK etc.
  • Max Sustained Temperature: 350c
Retail Price after Beta Program Completes

  • $1999.00 for the 3D Printing Platform
  • $899.00 for the Medium Duty Water Cooled 1HP Mill Package which includes a Hitachi or Baldor VFD (depending on if you want to run off 110v or 220v power) as well as a recirculating coolant system w/ radiator and fan for the spindle.
  • 3HP Spindle Mill and Bosch Colt Router Package pricing TBD

Future developments:
  • Automated 3D Laser Scanner Price Target <$1000.00 | Coming 2013
  • Accuracy .1mm or Better
  • 4th Axis w/ HUGE 115 kg*cm Stepper Motor Price Target <$1000.00 | Coming 2013
  • For Turning and 4th Axis Milling of Metal, Plastic and Wood Parts
  • Stereolithography 3D Printing Price Target <$1500.00 | Coming 2013
  • Much Larger Build Area than Current Stereolithography Printers...we will NOT be using a proprietary resin
  • Immersive Flood Cooling w/ Remotely Located Electronics Panel <$250.00 | Coming 2013

Challenges and Weak Spots
  • The open-source software that is currently available for the milling side of things with the RPM is a bit lacking. We have MasterCAM at our shop and have been testing some open-source as well as commercial software packages. We are also in talks with a RepRap famous developer for a REAL software package for our machine, but as of right now the software end of MILLING IS EXPERIMENTAL! The 3D printing side of things is well sorted and obviously there are many options that work well including Marlin w/ Pronterface and Repetier.
  • The BOLT ON UPGRADE that will include the remotely mountable electronics panel and immersive flood cooling setup is NOT ready, yet but may be before the end of the beta program. Milling operations may have to be run dry or with manual cooling methods at least initially in the beta program.