Feb 1, 2014

New 3d models sharing site - Sproutform

Sproutform is new community site for sharing of 3d models.

Here is what they say about themselves:
What is Sproutform?
Sproutform is a community for discovering and sharing great 3D printable designs. We're using a new approach and fresh ideas to move beyond printing desk toys and trinkets and enable the community to design, discover, and print objects that have a more substantial value in our lives. We believe 3D printing should work within the context of our own lives to enrich them by enabling the design and creation of accessories, addons, and customizations for the objects we use every day.
Why Sproutform?
  • Community moderated designs enable you to find the best stuff to print.
  • Discover the best designs for you. As you explore, rate, stash, and download designs, sproutform learns what you like and shows more of it.
  • Share your designs with the community. Get karma. Make the front page.
  • Host and share your designs here free of worry. Sproutform will never claim to own your designs or share them without giving credit to you.