Feb 23, 2014

mUVe developed improved Marlin firmware

mUVe 3D creators in cooperation  with Tim Schmidt and the Lansing Makers Network developed improved Marlin firmware version that can also work with with laser cutters, UV laser printers and has some more advanced options.

From source article:
This is a huge addition to the functionality of the Marlin firmware and it will allow a huge array of hardware to be run. It’s no longer a firmware for just FFF machines, we can now make laser cutters, and laser based 3D printers. Best of all, it’s a HUGE improvement to print quality and will help your QSil and Sylgard last much much longer than before! Look at all the additions!
  • mUVe 3D specific peel move still exists and is a function that can be turned on and off before you compile, so now you can use the firmware on other SLA based machines without edits.
  • Use hardware other than Arduino Mega 2560 and RAMPS, you can select the machines on the list that have enough memory to install it. It has grown in size, chips with less memory may be an issue but this hasn’t been investigated yet.
  • Firmware defined laser point size for future features such as W/cm^2 calculation and auto-laser-power setting for resins with W/cm^2 data available.
  • EEPROM saves the amount of time the laser has been on and will tell you when you boot how many hours and minutes the laser has been used.
  • PPM laser pulsing with specific maximum frequency set in Hz.
  • Laser pulsing built right into stepper code so there is no added processing time, delays, or otherwise. Full speed printing.
  • Configurable laser power on a scale of 1-100.
  • Configurable pulses per mm, default of 10.
  • Configurable time on for each laser pulse in microseconds, default is 3000.
  • Default connection speed lowered to 115200 for compatibility with more computers.
  • Built on and compiles with the latest version of Arduino, main file is now Marlin.ino.

Source and download links: