Feb 16, 2014

MRI compatible 3d printed tools for Apraxia study

Instructables user ewatanabe made a set of MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) compatible non-magnetic 3d printed tools for her roommate to use them in MRI test of Apraxia affected patients. Tools in this set had to be unknown to users so that brain reaction could be studied under MRI. 
What does each tool do? (from left to right, top to bottom):
  • Garlic press
  • Boot hook (for removing boots)
  • Reamer (for making holes wider)
  • Paint Scraper (for scraping paint off walls)
  • Pot Lid Holder (for lifting and holding old-fashioned pot lids)
  • Chip-Chop (for breaking up ice in cocktails)
  • Leather Prick (for making indents in leather)
  • Cigar box Opener
  • Acrylic Cutter (for cutting sheets of plastic)

Source and more details: