Feb 18, 2014

Lulzbot factory tour and Open Hardware business model

Marcin Jakubowski made series of videos with Jeff Moe, CEO of Lulzbot. He explains how open hardware approach is helping their business and gives insight in technology and production process.

Lulzbot production lines makes one TAZ 3d printer every 40 minutes

Here is link to ohai kit:

Jeff explains open hardware business model philosophy in more detail. High percentage of 3d printer users want open source machine and want easy modification of the machine. Also: why would investors give you money for something that has all the design details free on internet ...

Lulzbot printer cluster set up for 135 printers that print next generation of printers. Printers printing printers. 200000 parts printed until now ...

Lulzbot TAZ assembly process:

Lulzbot printing in Ninjaflex rubber filament:

At Aleph Objects they are very committed to open source philosophy, they internally use only open source software and made their operations manual public:

Lulzbot recently released TAZ 3:

Also check out OpenSourceEcology project which aims to develop open source kit for all machines needed for starting up civilization from zero: