Feb 23, 2014

Dell and conflicting marketing messages in 3d printing

So, Dell bought 5000 Zortrax 3d printers from Poland for their own engineers. That surprised even Zortrax. CEO of Zortrax said:
“Frankly speaking, we were surprised that any company, even a company like Dell, wants to place such an order! But after a while we realized how many printers we use in our own office… For a designer who prints a large number of prototypes it is much more useful to use 10 smaller printers on one desk, which operate simultaneously, rather than one with a larger build volume,”

After some time they made a deal with MakerBot to sell their Replicators.

Maybe it's only me, but isn't that some sort of conflicting message?

When we buy for us we choose Zortrax, but when we sell to you, we sell you MakerBot.


Sure, average buyer will probably not follow all the news in such a detail ...
Some news sources even reported that Dell will sell Zortrax printers to public ... who knows ...