Feb 5, 2014

Chipfuzer V 2.0 of arc welder based DIY metal 3d printer

Mark Miller developed second version of his arc welder based metal 3d printer - here is the Chipfuzer V2.0.

Mark wrote:
Chipfuzer 3 D metal printer (version 2.0). This is the second prototype I made to improve the original design. It is smaller-12 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 12 3/4 inches tall. This model is fully enclosed and has safety features to keep the user safe from high voltage and harsh arc light produced on the build table.
The design also fully eliminates RFI produced by the arc process and makes a neat, tidy compact unit that can be easily transported and used anywhere.
The multicolored enclosure components are due to just having a little bit of each color paint in several cans on the shelf (low funds) and not representative of anything, or me trying to be overly "artsy".
I scaled down the X,Y and Z slide mechanisms but kept the build table the same as the first model, and the build size is nearly the same as the original. I am still tinkering with it a bit, but satisfied thus far with the new design.
This machine went together better and faster than the original, despite having to scavenger hunt parts, and make due with similar materials. In some places the unit is triple insulated, and the interior is covered in conductive coating and grounded. I think one more design and build will probably get me to a really good design for this idea, and will concentrate more on the software end of things from now on. Thus far I have made about a dozen prints with this, but plan on using this machine for most future experimenting.

First post about Chipfuzer:

Chipfuzer V 2.0 - you can see the print chamber and arc welder tips