Feb 5, 2014

3DaGoGo releases Communites feature

3DaGoGo released a new feature on their website: Communities.

From the press release:
3D printing website, 3DaGoGo, has launched their new ‘Communities’ feature to help the growing number of 3D printing designers network, engage, and create communal storefronts for their designs.
With over 59.2 million 3D printer design downloads estimated for 2014, 3D printing has not only amassed tremendous consumer interest, but also triggered a considerable number of professional and career 3D printing designers to emerge onto the scene.
The highlight of the ‘Communities’ feature on 3DaGoGo is the communal storefront. Any designer, or group of designers, can create a ‘Communities’ page and decide on the membership profile. They will then be able to upload and manage a communal storefront where all the members’ designs are showcased in one location.
This communal storefront will automatically populate from the designs in each of the members’ storefronts. Other features such as the ability to select which designs to showcase, highlight featured designs, and set up forums are in the process of being developed and will be added later this year.

Here is the full company press release:

You can also apply to become 3DaGoGo beta designer and participate in a contest: