Jan 18, 2014

XFab Laser Stereolithography 3d printer from DWS Lab

Laser Stereolithography 3d printers are getting more advanced and more developed for prosumer / DIY consumer market. XFab has some nice specs and several different materials choices which give broad spectrum of 3d printed object properties.

Technical Specifications:
  • 3D printing method: Laser Stereolithography
  • Working area: Ø 180×180 mm
  • Laser source: Solid State BlueEdge® BE-1300X
  • Slice thickness: 10-100 microns
  • Minimum feature size: 80 microns
  • Scanning method: Galvanometer
  • Software: XFAB Controller, Nauta™ XFAB Edition (proprietary software)
  • Input file format: .stl, .slc
  • Machine size: 420x638x590 mm
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 22°-25°C/60%
  • Power supply: AC 230/115V/50-60 Hz
  • Price: it is around $5,000, but the company will produce smaller version for some $2,500
  • Proprietary cartridges priced between $200 and $400.
XFab DWS Lab Print materials:
  • Standard acrylate, amber for general purpose
  • ABS-like, grey, High-impact resistant, functional parts, snap-fit, casings
  • ABS-like, white, High-impact resistant, functional parts, snap-fit, casings
  • Polypropylene-like, Flexible, snap-fit, casings, components, lab equipment
  • Rigid opaque, grey, Prototypes, toys, high-detail models, marketing models
  • Transparent,Clear prototypes, liquid flow visualization, light cases
  • Ceramic nano-filled, light blue, Static thermal resistance tests, high definition models
  • Rubber-like, black, Handles, gaskets, footwear, ergonomic tests, functional parts
  • Rubber-like, transparent, Functional parts, medical devices

The design looks great, but I start to notice simillar design features on all laser 3d printers ...