Jan 9, 2014

Weistek X-Master and IdeaWerk 3d printers from China

From the Shenzhen manufacturing center of the world come two new 3d printers. Yes, yes, another day, another new 3d printer.

X-Master 3d printer

Tecnical specifications:

  • 280x240x200 mm large build volume 
  • best layer solution of 0.05mm 
  • printing speed up to 300cm³
  • X-Master is a Plug-and-play device and has an automatic-lock system for safety
  • Automatic-lock system ensuring the safety for your kids or pets
  • Three shortcut buttons on the body: Print/Door Up/Door Down
  • 3.5" HD LCD touch screen for controlling the printing process
  • Free and optimised printing software
  • >120 hours super long continuous printing

IdeaWerk 3d printer

Technical specifications:
  • Compact and portable, with five colors available
  • 3.5" HD LCD touchscreen
  • Solid metal body
  • >120 hours super long continuous printing guaranteed
  • Layer thickness of 0.18-0.3mm and fast speed, 30-150 cm³ /H
  • Easy to asssemble with just several screws
  • Price: 699 USD

Weistek company page (heavy with Chinese):