Jan 12, 2014

SoftKinetic advanced 3d scanning technology and MekerBot partnership

They 3d scan object by measuring time that the light travels from object to sensor. The technology is called "time-of-flight" technology and it is now implemented by some cutting edge technology companies (like xBox sensor). So, in the future, we can expect better 3d scanning devices and more gesture control in design and human interface to 3d printers.

From video description:
Anna Kaziunas France met with SoftKinetic's Chief Marketing Officer Eric Krzeslo at their suite in the LVH to ask him about their new partnership with MakerBot to enhance their 3D camera technology for 3D scanning that was announced Monday at CES 2014. SoftKinetic is provides 3D vision and and gesture recognition technologies for the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial markets; who license their intellectual property.

Here is a video demonstration of SoftKinetic 3d scanner:

From company page:

Patented DepthSense® 3D Imaging time-of-flight CMOS sensor is smart enough to understand the most subtle of everyday human gestures and the shape, size and behavior of objects. It measures how long it takes for infrared light to make the trip from the camera and back – the time-of-flight – and gives the 3D DepthSense camera power to turn raw data into real time, 3D images, as well as greyscale confidence and depth map images.

They also do lot of gesture control related sensors and technologies: