Jan 7, 2014

Small example of 3d printing changing the traditional supply and sale chain of plastic stuff

Great post on BoingBoing illustrating disruptive potential to traditional supply chain by 3d printing technology. It is also a small case study how physical objects can behave as digital objects.

Basically, someone on internet said:

I need this plastic replacement part, but it is incredibly expensive!

Few hours later, complete stranger sent him .stl file to 3d print that part.

Truly revolutionary!

On separate note, there are two additional things to think about here:

  1. if you run a company with business model based on sale of overpriced small plastic parts, maybe it is time to think it over
  2. if you want to be a (rich) lawyer, you should start researching 3d printing

From the source article:
Back in April, a redditor complained that a simple plastic cable-comb (used to bundle cables) was too expensive at $45. Later that day, WillySF modelled a printable cable comb and linked to the shape files (1, 2). It's a bit of a futuristic moment, no?
Saw the cable comb on Amazon with prime shipping
Model picture of the item in question:


Here is another example of how 3d printing saved 140 $ when Raster replaced a part on his camera:

or making a replacement cargo attachment point on Ford Focus: