Jan 12, 2014

RepRap Tuga non-Cartesian 3d printer from Portugal

Paulo Gonçalves from Portugal developed an interesting cool-looking non-Cartesian 3d printer: the RepRap Tuga. I hope we will get more details soon, detailed build guide and successful prints! Kudos Paulo!

From Tuga description:
A couple of months ago I was sourcing parts to build a Delta printer and while I was doing I realized that I would prefer to have a big horizontal print area instead of a vertical one, so the concept for RepRap Tuga was born.
This concept should respond to this points:
  • Static motor arrangement
  • Speed of movements (X and Y)
  • Big horizontal build volume (rectangular 400x180mm)
  • Bellow 500€ cost
The resulting printer dimensions are aprox. 830x500x500mm 
Some Weak points:
  • Large horizontal printer size (double of the print bed).
  • No heatbed for the first version
  • Possible x/y axis wobble
  • Arms mechanism untested in this arrangement.
Future Design Goals:
  • Small version (250x120mm print bed)
  • Try Vslots
  • Replace side acrylic panels with printed ones (maybe prints holds to a wall)
  • Put both horizontal carriages using the same smooth rods.