Jan 7, 2014

Print3r Android 3d print server by Terrawat Industries

Print3r is new android application that serves as 3d printing server on Android phones and tablets. Currently in Beta.

Print3r features:
  • 3D Print Server for Android OS
  • Supports Android Tablets and Handsets
  • Control 3D Print Jobs and Printer from:
  • Native Android Touch Screen
  • A Web Browser
  • Local and SD-card File Management
  • Upload Files via Web, Wifi, Bluetooth,
  • Supports Multiple Firmwares
  • OpenGL G-Code Viewer
  • E-mail and more
  • Many more features...
PRINT3R for Android is built from the ground up with the help of several carefully chosen open-source projects. The Web UI (pictured above) is based on OctoPrint. The OpenGL viewer (pictured above) is based on Rajawali for Android. Other helper projects include NanoHTTPDPooled for web services and Amarino-Embed, projects we maintain separately. More information can be found in the PRINT3R for Android 'Credits' screen and upcoming documentation.