Jan 11, 2014

Peppermint Energy FORTY2 suitcase solar generator developed with 3d printing prototyping

From video description:
Peppermint Energy, based in a South Dakota, has developed a portable, plug-and-play solar generator called the FORTY2.

Described as a solar plant in a suitcase, the FORTY2 draws enough juice from the sun to power lights, laptops — even a dorm fridge. A battery stashes power and delivers it after sundown.
Originally a cool product idea for tailgaters and campers, this quickly became a potential life changing source of energy for developing countries where three billion people live without reliable electricity. That means medicine that requires refrigeration could reach places it couldn't go before. The device could also spark commerce in remote areas as entrepreneurs find ways to monetize free reliable power.
Watch the story behind this remarkable device and how Stratasys 3D printing based on FDM™ technology using ABS plastic delivered a durable full scale prototype. Just one of the prototyping benefits - Peppermint decided to make the whole device even smaller than intended after carrying the first prototype proved awkward.

FORTY2 video: