Jan 4, 2014

Pegasus Touch Laser SLA 3D Printer

Full Spectrum Lasers is developing this laser SLA 3d printer. Lasers are way to go. This is also a great example how advancements in one technology, like cheap blue ray laser diodes, leads to advancement in another technology like 3d printing.

Technical specifications:
  • 3D Technology: 405nm scanning galvo laser liquid resin stereolithography
  • Build area: up to 7”x7”x9” (177x177x228mm)
  • Case Footprint: 11"x14"x22.5" (280x360x571mm) 
  • Processor: Built in 1GHz Linux computer with 512mB memory and 4.3” Touchscreen LCD Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, WiFi (requires optional USB dongle) 
  • On Board Software: Built in on-board Internet Connected 3D Printer App Store (no computer required) 
  • Desktop Software: Tightly integrated multi-touch capable desktop software with automatic slicing and automatic breakaway support generation with manual editing support for Windows PC (Mac coming soon) 
  • Speed: up to 3000mm/sec (>10x faster than most FDM, up to 6x faster than other SLA)
  • Focused Laser Spot Size: ~250 microns 
  • XY Positioning Resolution: 16bit precision, ~3 micron 
  • Z Motor Resolution: ~5 micron (typical layer thickness 25-100 micron)

Pegasus Touch main features from Kickstarter page:
  • Touchscreen LCD desktop 3D printer starting <$2k using LASER based tech for high speed prints, 7"x7"x9" build area, and detail.
  • As designers and engineers, we have found lasers and 3D printers to be amazing tools. Naturally, we wanted to combine the two and build a 3D Printer with lasers! Thanks to the wide adpotion of Bluray players, low cost near UV laser diodes which can cure liquid resin are now readily available making high quality 3D printers a reality. 
  • Using software/electronics technology developed for our laser cutting/engraving products, we’ve perfected an affordable high quality laser based Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer that sets a new standard for desktop 3D printing for every maker and maker to be. Starting below $2000 on Kickstarter, Pegasus Touch produces by far the best quality 3D printing output for its price.
  • Speed: Controlling lasers properly takes years of experience. Pegasus Touch’s advanced control electronics can pulse its laser source at over 500kHz while moving the laser beam at 3000mm/sec thanks to the same special FSL real-time laser processor used in $100,000 scanning laser systems. Faster laser control allow us to tune the resin to cure more quickly without sacrificing quality allowing for up to 10x the speed of FDM printers and 3-5x the speed of other SLA printers.
  • Output Quality: Nearly all current low desktop 3D printers below $3000 use FDM technology but Laser based SLA technology has set the gold standard for quality since it was invented in the 1980s. Due to finer control offered by laser technology, the finish of laser based SLA printers is just better.
  • Affordability: Starting below $2000, Pegasus Touch is the lowest cost assembled SLA printer available – it’s even less expensive than many leading consumer FDM printers. Pretested, fast, high quality resin is available at only $100/liter.
  • Standalone Ease of Use: Other low cost printers transfer several gigabytes of post processed data from a tethered PC. Pegasus Touch has an on-board Linux computer that can do much of the 3D processing computation on the printer itself. Typical transfer file sizes are only a few megabytes so it never needs to be tethered to another computer. 
  • By putting a full internet connected touchscreen computer right into the printer, FSL3D has been able to build a 3D Printer App Store right on the printer. Find high quality, pretested models right from the printer itself - no more digging endlessly or tweaking to find perfect printable 3D models. 



Here is a video from CES 2014 where Andrew Bogger presents the Pegasus FSL3D printer:

Company page:


Update (19.1.2014):

Pegasus Touch will get software update to enable it to make etch UV  sensitive PCBs to make electronic boards: