Jan 18, 2014

New Polypropylene based food-safe 3d printing filament by GermanRepRap

Polypropylene (PP) filament is semi-crystalline thermoplastics which is produced according to US FDA regulations and the relevant EU standards. Basically, it is made so you can print plates, cups, beakers, food containers, spoons and other food serving utensils.
This filament can be used with all printers that have a 3mm hotend and it comes in black color (very appetizing color). 2,1kg spool is priced at 99,95 euro and the 750g spool is priced at 54,95 euro.
Now, maybe the material itself is food safe, however, when you push it trough the hot extruder and deposit it two food un-safe things could happen:
  1. The 3d printed object could have small (micro) pores where bacteria could develop and get into your food
  2. You could get some heavy metals residue from your brass hot end.
The topic of food safety and 3d printed thermoplastics should be researched further, I don't think that we will see much 3d printing for everyday food containers on regular basis. Probably the most people will use it as novelty gimmicky thing.

Still, it is good to see that food related filament technology is advancing.

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