Jan 5, 2014

Micron 3DP high end metal extruder

Technical specifications:
  • Innovative "all metal" hot end features a detachable filament guide and nozzle module "DFGNM"
  • All metal design" enables working with polycarbonate at 280- 300 degrees Celsius and with future materials that require higher working temperatures beyond those supported by plastic extruders and hot end.
  • Reliable design: enabling strong filament gripping by using high torque 1:13 gear motor and stainless steel 303 hobbed gear with special teeth profile.
  • Continuous idler bearing preload adjustment using 2 set screws.
  • Easy opening service door that does not change idler springs preload, while opening and closing the service door
  • Smooth filament feeding design that prevents the filament from being stuck after passing the hobbed gear.
  • Tested with PLA, ABS, polycarbonate, nylon and PVA.
  • Motor: Nema 11 Step Motor.
  • Rated current/Phase: 0.67 Amps
  • 6.2 VDC :Rated voltage/Phase
  • Fan: 40x40x20 size, 12VD 
  • Heater: 12V
  • Thermistor: 100K ohm NTC thermistor
  • 1:13 Planetary Gearbox
  • Materials: black anodize Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass.
  • Filament size: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle size: 0.35mm and 0.5mm
  • Total weight: 440 gram

Manufacturer can provide solid models of the extruder assembly and reference design for mounting plate
Micron 3DP extruder is priced at $289.95


here is the dual head version: