Jan 31, 2014

MendelMax 2.0 review and impressions by ZennmasterM

Great review video of MendelMax 2.0 by ZennmasterM.

MendelMax 2.0 description from RepRap wiki:
The new MendelMax 2 is a complete reinvention of the MendelMax. It makes the MendelMax faster to build, easier to source and even better looking than before.
The MendelMax 2 includes a completely redesigned frame, made from aluminum extrusions and primarily flat plates. These plates can be cut from aluminum, printed, laser cut from plastic, or hand cut with a scroll saw or a coping saw (making this arguably the most accessible DIY reprap ever). A hand cut MendelMax 2 will virtually function identically to a custom machined one. There is no longer a reason to see your hand built machine as merely a means to an end.
Triangles are a smart choice for the gantry, both functionally and aesthetically. From a design standpoint, I wanted the MendelMax to still be visibly a Mendel descendent, while not letting the shape get in the way of improvements. By switching to a right-triangle design, the MendelMax 2.0 gains ~50mm more z-axis movement (the exact amount will depend on your extruder choice). The new design results in a very open, unobstructed print area.
  • Print Area Dimensions: 230 mm x 310 mm x 225 mm
  • Print Area: 16042.5 cm3
  • Printer Dimensions: 450 mm x 340 mm x 460 mm
  • Usable Maximum Print Speed: 150mm/sec or more depending on the part, print material, and extruder
  • Usable Maximum Movement Speed: 500+ mm/sec
  • Layer Height: .1-.4mm, user selectable. Lower layer heights are also possible.
  • X & Y Axis Resolution: .0125mm
  • Frame: All aluminum
  • Movement: linear rail (X and Y axis), precision shafting and bushing (Z axis)
  • Price: $1595 for complete kit