Jan 13, 2014

GCodePrintr V1.52 for Android has been released

GCodePrintr V1.52 has been released for your Android device:
  • 3D Printing from any Android device - PC less printing
  • Connect to a printer using USB OTG/Host port
  • Supports wireless printing over Bluetooth
  • Touch screen printer control interface (X,Y,Z Movement, Heat, Fan,..)
  • Layer by layer visualization and print simulation
  • Show details like estimated time, speeds, filament usage, cost,..
  • Printing is done in background (Android service)
  • Small web interface to remotely view print status.
  • Receive print object from PC over network
  • Works with many 3D printers and multiple firmwares (Sprinter,Marlin,..)
Google Play:

GCodePrintr was previously known as GCodeSimulator &Printer and has been renamed recently

V1.52 changes
  • GCodeSimulator&Printer renamed to GCodePrintr
  • New 3D app icon and logo made with openSCAD.
Printing is done by an Android background service
  • Once connected, a service is started to handle the connection.
  • Print jobs will be done by the service, the App itself can be closed.
  • Print progress is shown on the notification panel (% complete + time remaining)
  • Click on the notification, will open up the App and sync up with the service.
  • Printer connection can be closed by pressing X on the notification (be careful, it will stop your print )
Rudimentary webserver to view the print status with a web browser
  • Connect to the webserver using the Androids device IP with port 2323.
  • Stop/Pause a print over the web interface
  • Start/Stop IP Webcam over Webinterface (Using IP Webcam App)
  • web server depends on the printer service and is only active when the service is started.
Many bug fixes and smaller improvement
  • some (experimental) Makibox improvements
  • Option to save gcode files which have been received wirelessly. (Requires Permission to write to external storage)
  • Option to write a full communication log to sd card (for debugging)
  • Removed status bar option (statusbar is always on now)
  • Show Print status text on status bar
  • Makergear M2 / Rambo board support

Here is a video showing full tool chain from creating a 3d object with openSCAD, slicing it with Slic3r, verifying the results with GCode Simulator and then sending it to a tablet running GCode Printr to print it on a 3D printer.

Here is the more detailed post with videos about previous version: