Jan 28, 2014

Fuel3d high resolution 3d camera scanner

Technology of 3d scanners is exploding together with the developments in 3d printing machines. Fuel3d is one of more high-end scanner that is much expected to reach the market.

They released the final design of production unit:

Here is the video presentation of Fuel3d and usage cases:

Here is what company claims are main advantages of Fuel3d against competitor technologies:
  • Turntable: The most basic and lowest cost 3D scanning systems use laser point or line projection onto an object positioned and rotated on a turntable. Prices range from a few hundred dollars up to low thousands. As a handheld solution, Fuel3D holds a significant flexibility advantage over these systems, as they are fixed position and the object being scanned is limited by turntable size.
  • Sweeping laser line: To enable scanning of larger objects, scanners are available that project a laser line, which sweeps across a stationary subject. With a few exceptions, prices for these technologies are typically in the $20,000 – $50,000 range. Fuel3D has a very strong price advantage over all these systems, with the added benefit of handheld flexibility and color capture.
  • Hand-held: 3D scanning systems have been developed to enable maximum scan flexibility for working around objects of almost any shape and size. Prices of hand-held solutions are now as low as $15,000 – $30,000. In addition to Fuel3D being much less expensive, we are not aware of any of these handheld systems that collect color data in addition to 3D geometry.
  • Microsoft Kinect: Some low-cost handheld scanning solutions are being developed using the Microsoft Kinect platform. These systems are typically quite low-resolution resolution, so while they are good for capturing environments, they do not have the data precision or resolution for detailed object capture like Fuel3D.

Claiming things for marketing is usual, but, as always, more real-life thir party testing is needed.

The Fuel3D scanner is priced from 1,250 USD without shipping costs or taxes. Estimated shipping start is in September of 2014.
Company page:

Fuel3d pdf technical whitepaper:

Fuel3d successful Kickstarter:

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