Jan 12, 2014

Developments in RepRap Simpson family of 3d printers by Nicholas Seward

Nicholas Seward made an update post about Simpson family of printers with some recent developments:
Today was a huge day for the Simpson family.
It started off with a post from +Solidus Labs that showed the GDR's (a worm drive Simpson derivative) first print.

It was quickly followed by my friend +Danny Dd getting his carbon fiber LISA Simpson printing for the first time.

I did some updates to my GUS to reduce drag in the bowden tube. That paired with updates to my gcode preprocessor allowed me to do a reasonably big print. I hope to up the size of some of my next prints even more.
Simpsons are still very experimental but progress is being made daily. It will be very exciting to see how Simpsons evolve during 2014.