Jan 4, 2014

BI V2.0 self replicating high precision delta 3D printer

Another delta Kickstarter. BI v2.0 comes with some powerful features and affordable price.

From Kickstarter description:

The BI V2.0 capably produces very large 300 mm diameter X 300 mm height prints and features an amazing print quality (Be sure to read more about the definition of a true delta build volume below). Our design can support up to triple extrusion and can print virtually any 1.75 mm filament extruding at up to 240 degrees Celsius (PLA/ABS/Nylon etc.). The most unique aspect of the BI V2.0 is our innovative approach towards a self-replicating design which permits the simple creation of extremely precise movement. The end result: the highest standards of print quality. The self-replicating design of the BI V2.0 empowers you to create your own machine and share this technology with your family and friends. Once you receive the BI V2.0, you can print, improve upon and share components so that anyone can build their own printer at a very low cost.


Comparison table of BI v 2.0 vs. Deltaprintr whereby BI wins

BI v2.0 print results

Electromagnetic automatic leveling probe is standard in every unit


they started to release printer building files to Thingiverse: