Jan 14, 2014

Best Robo 3D Printer Fixes, Tips & Tricks to Get Great Prints by Barnacules Nerdgasm

Another great video by Barnacules

From video description:
All upgrades in this video were printed using colorfabb PLA/PHA filament from It's fantastic material!
What's up Nerdgasm fans! This video will show you all of the things I've done since I received my Robo 3D printer to get it printing reliability with no hassles. Out of the box the printer never really performed well for me but after I tracked down the problems, made some tweaks and printed some upgrades I'm happy to report it works like a charm and is not giving me anymore problems! I hope that the information in this video is useful to you early adopters and helps you maximize your print quality when using this inexpensive printer. Don't give up guys, just like all technology like this tweaking is just a part of the experience and you will be very proud with the results once you do. 
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== Link's to printer upgrades ==
Z Axis Stabilizers []
E3D Print Head Fan Holder []
Top Mount Spool Holder []
Cable Holder []
E3D Hotend []
One thing I forgot to mention in the video is to use 'Furnace Cement (from Amazon)' to secure the thermister (heat probe) to the print head instead of Kapton tape, it gives a much better connection between the censor and the block and the temps are far more stable as a result!
Special thanks to Harrison V and Braydon M for being a source of information and support while I got this Robo3D figured out!
When I first received the printer and unboxed it I had several problems I had to trouble shoot and figure out ranging from the bed leveling issues to inconsistent feeding issues. Over the weeks with help from the internet and the guys at Robo3D and PrintedSolid I was able to tweak, upgrade and tinker to get this printer to become a solid work horse just like my Ultimaker (But not as fast, but that is expected).
The biggest problem with this printed I have found is the print head. The stock print head on the ABS model (can't speak for the PLA model) seems to have a problem with the tube inside cracking causing oozing or temperature problems leading to material extruding too hot or too cool. I also had problems with it jamming and clearing a jam from it was a nightmare. I found upgrading to an E3D print head was the best solution since this print head can handle any material and has not jammed on me once yet!

I hope this was helpful for you guys, please let me know in the comments if this solved your problems or if you have other problems I don't address in the video (maybe I can work with them and address them in a future video). I also would like to know if you found better solutions to some of the problems then I did.