Jan 11, 2014

Advancements in nano scale 3d printing by Jan Torgersen of TU Wien

It is not 3d printing if it 's not nano scale 3d printing.

From video description:
After his studies in mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, Jan Torgersen started his phd work at the Insitute of Materials Science and Technology. Jan's field is Additive Manufacturing Technologies; the technology involved in 3D printing. He developed a new printer that is able to produce nano-scaled objects suitable for numerous applications in photonics, surface modifications and biomedical engineering. This printer is currently the fastest of its kind and brings the technology closer to industrial applications. How it works got illustrated recently by a video that went around the world, showing the construction of a racing car model in the scale of a human hair.
In the video, a race car with dimensions of 330x130x100µm3 is fabricated. The structure consists of 100 layers, each made of an average of 200 polymer lines. It is finished in 4 minutes and resembles the CAD file at a precision of ±1µm.

More details on TU Wien page:

Here is Korean concept for 3d printing nanobots: