Jan 28, 2014

Adobe is getting in 3d printing with Photoshop CC 14.2 update

Adobe is joining the ranks of corporations that got into 3d printing field. Photoshop cc update 14.2 bringe many features for 3d model print preparation and support for several 3d printers.
Support for directly printing from Photoshop CC to 3D Systems Cube, MakerBot Replicator 2, MakerBot Replicator 2x and Zcorp Full Color is built in, as is the ability to export an STL file.
It can work with several 3d print object properties, such as:
  • Printer Volume – This will show the measurement that the model is shown in (the numbers marked in Blue are shown in the chosen measurement).
  • Detail Level – Minimum size of features that can be printed.
  • Show Printer Volume Overlay – This is the cage around the model, the cage is generated and shows the maximum capacity of the print chamber in the 3D printer
  • Printer Volume – The size of the print chamber in the measurements that have been specified above.
  • Scene Volume – This is the size of the physical cage around the model inside Photoshop CC, this can be modified using the numbers, or a fast way to scale the model to the cage is it click the button marked “Scale to print volume”.
  • Surface Details – Photoshop CC will use the Bumps, normal maps and opacity to enhance the final detail.
  • Support Structures – Photoshop CC will generate the supports and raft for the output preview.
For Photoshop CC to be able to print the model, it will automate the following tasks for you, i.e :-
  • Wall Thickness – The model is hollow, the walls will need to be adjusted to make sure the minimum wall thickness is achieved, in accordance to the selected printer specification.
  • Repair the model – The Model may not be, what’s know as “Water tight”, which means it may have holes in it, or normals that are the wrong way around (there are other elements here as well), that will cause the print to not properly.
  • Create scaffolding – The elements that we explained earlier that are ‘floating’ need to be supported during the print.

Short introduction video:

More detailed video with demonstration of new 3d printing features:

Opinions on this move differ from person to person. Some say that Adobe should focus more on their core business and Photoshop CC is just not the most suitable choice for this role and can not replace specialized 3d printing CAD / CAM tools with long development. The future will show how Adobe and Photoshop will fit into the high-end industry where they want to be and how the hobbyist and DIYers will use it.

Detailed blog post on Adobe official blogs:

Here is another video review od Psdtuts+:

Update (8.8.2014):

Adobe released new 3d printing functions for Photoshop CC, they include:
  • Support for the MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation desktop printer and (Japan) 3D print service
  • Support for additional 3D file formats including VRML, U3D, PLY, and IGES
  • Streamlined 3D painting experience
  • Ability to easily combine multiple print jobs into a single print bed
  • 3D printing workflow improvements