Jan 13, 2014

3D printing with wood filament on Robo 3D printer by Barnacules Nerdgasm (summary: it is like real wood)

I like Barnacules.

From video description:
What's up Nerdgasm fans! Today I'm doing something brand new I've never done before. I am using my Robo 3D printer to actually print something in Wood. I didn't even think this was possible a few weeks ago but someone genius figured out how to make wood Filament by mixing wood and PLA and the results are fantastic. It looks like wood, smells like wood, feels like wood but does not taste like wood! :P
Printer Settings:
70c bed
210c hot end
0.2mm layer height
100% infill
Prep after print:
Light sanding to remove blob and lip at base (sands just like wood!)
I hope you guys enjoy this video where I print a round box with sliding top that can be used to store memory card or pills, etc in 100% wood. The results are amazing and it even looks like it was carved out of plywood. I am going to attempt to stain it when I have some time since the wood does appear to be porous just like real wood and seem to absorb moisture. I'm really impressed with this material and I'm looking forward to using it in many future prints!