Jan 1, 2014

Zion16 low cost large print volume DIY 3d printer

Big and Cheap!

From Zion16 Kickstarter campaign page:
The goal is to create and mass produce large scale 3D printers in a sort-of self replicating fashion. I am working on completing the 16" prototype which will be capable of printing enormous objects up to 16"x16"x32"(see below).
I want to keep these printers affordable because I feel they need to be in the hands of creators and people who would use them to innovative.
Unfortunately 3d printers of this size cost around $1200 so I want to do better. I want to make and produce these printers for under $800 and make it so that they are both easy to use and affordable. I have been working with 3d Printers for about 2 years now and it has consumed all of my time. I am constantly tweaking or coming up with a new way of doing something with 3D printing.
Zion16 is developed by Ryan Manley


Zion16 schematics 

Bigger Zion16 3d printer with 32" hight 

Yoda printed on Zion16