Dec 26, 2013

Video updates on Theta polar 3d printer

Theta printer has unique design, you can check the first post about it here:

Here are some videos that show how the printer construction is progressing:

Simultaneous printing on Theta. The blue plastic is PLA and the yellow is ABS.

Two extruders printing on the same object at the same time.

Videos by Tyler Anderson

All files are at GitHub:

Theta printer project blog:

First print results in PLA and ABS at the same time on same object

Update (12.1.2014.):

here is a new video and successful print of the iconic Octopus:

From video description:
Testing the new firmware by printing an octopus. This print took about 1.5 hours with a feedrate of 20 °/s. In this case, thats roughly 55 mm/s. This printer should be capable of at least 40 °/s.

Update (21.8.2014.):

Theta was submitted for Hackaday prize contest: