Dec 29, 2013

Stratum Networks Delta Robot 3d printer

Stratum Networks Delta is a student project of clay printing Delta 3d printer. Design is published on Instructables and the printer is made with air compressor powered clay extruder mounted on lasercut plywood and acrylic frame.
The output clay objects look rough but the precision can probably be improved.

Project developers, Max Sanchez and Taylor Fulton, are architecture students at California College of the Arts. This project was based in a studio course called "Creative Architecture Machines" taught by Jason Kelly Johnson and Michael Shiloh.

Detailed build guide and all the files needed can be found at:

They mixed the clay for this 3d printer out of:
  • EPK
  • SILICA #5 325mesh
  • DARVAN: Used as a deflocculant. A few drops of the fluid will make the clay compound more like a slip.
  • GROG: reduces shrinkage

Schematics of  air compressor driven clay extruder

Here you can find detailed video from more precise ceramic clay delta printer: