Dec 10, 2013

RAMPS v1.4.2 open source control board

RAMPS version 1.4.2 open source controller electronics board is available.

From product page (google translated from German):

The new RAMPS 1.4.2 promises significantly fewer failures and has other improvements , such as 2 motor connections per socket or a labeling slots . The RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield (short: RAMPS ) is the centerpiece of a RepRap 3D printer . On the board there are all electronic components such as mosfets transistors , fuses, plug-in connections for the Pololu stepper motor drivers, etc. Previous versions of the shelf had the problem that the electronics are often failed.

The RAMPS 1.4.2 is equipped with automotive fuses instead of the usual thermal fuse now. These new backups are less sensitive to heating . In order to enhance availability, the strength of the traces of 35 microns were increased to 70 microns and its course optimized. The limit switches now have a capacitor that prevents accidental turn off .

Further improvements can be found at the bases for the Pololu motor driver . You have the RAMPS 1.4.2 through two ports and can use it to drive two motors per connection . There is now a slot for external reset, which has advantages when the RAMPS is installed in an enclosure , since you do not have to do without the reset button . By labels on the slots for a warmed bed , fan and extruder also the wiring is simple .

Our RAMPS 1.4.2 is of course open source. The board is a fork of the open-source project of ultimachine / Ramps 1.4 ( ) and retrieve in Github .

It can be applied to all RepRap 3D printer with RAMPS electronics, such as the PRotos V2, use and runs on RAMPS 1.3 and 1.4 firmware with no change , so it can easily be exchanged for existing RAMPS .

The following connections are provided:

2 * extruder heating
1 bed * Heating
3 * Temperature sensor for Extruder 2 and 1 bed ( No more board longer necessary )
5 * for Pololu motor base
6 * opto end stop (3 * Min, Max 3 * )
1 * Connection option for SD card reader and LCD
1 * Connection for external reset
1 * Connection for FAN adapter.

Full open source documentation if you want to build it youself:

You can buy it for 59,95 euro at: