Dec 25, 2013

PORO-LAY new family of advanced properties filaments by Kai Parthy: LAY-FELT, LAY-TEKKKS, LAY-FOMM and GEL-LAY

New 3d printing filament family by Kai Parthy the PORO-LAY. The new filament family consists of four different filaments: LAY-FELT, LAY-TEKKKS, LAY-FOMM and GEL-LAY with different properties.

From description:

PORO-LAY line (4 filaments)
dedicated for:
• 3d-membranes
• filters
• semipermeables
• future cloth
• artificial paper
soft and
stiff fibres possible
note: the filament contain no microfibres !!!
• micro-foam,
• sponges
• ink-reservoirs
• bio-cells
• elastics...
• bendable suits
• soft rubber-like (under Shore A10), different softness possible
• objects in water
• marine organism
flow simulation
• biomechanics
high porosity,
the object is very unstable 
• orientated fibres
• stacked fibres
• future cloths
• tissue
 Here is the post on BENDLAY filament: