Dec 26, 2013

Picaso 3d Designer 3d printer from Russia

New Russian 3d printer by Picaso 3d.

Technical specifications:
  • Build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm
  • Layer size of 0.05mm
  • Minimum wall thickness of 0.19mm
  • Standalone machine using USB or SD card gcode input
  • Two nozzles sizes, 0.30 and 0.15mm
  • Display panel to monitor print operations
  • Enclosed heated build chamber to minimize ABS warping effects (they probably don't care about patents that big western corporations have on heated chamber technology)
  • Automatic calibration of the print bed
  • Russian-specific software interface
  • Price: RUB 99,000, or USD 3,000.

Here is video by TixTri in Russian language that shows both Picaso 3d models:  Builder and focuses on Designer.