Dec 10, 2013

GCode Simulator & Print software - controlling 3d printing on PC, Android or via Bluetooth

GCode Simulator is software package of several programs / apps that run on PC or Android device enabeling you to simulate G-Code 3d printing on your PC and on Android and giving you full control of compatible 3d printer in paid (1,99 €) version.
This is very useful since there is plenty of very affordable low cost Androide devices such as tablets that can provide you with powerful touch screen 3d printer controller.

GCode Simulator also supports wireless printing over Bluetooth. GCode Simulator & Printer can connect to Bluetooth enabled 3D printers. Any RepRap 3d printer based on RAMPS can easily be extended to support Bluetooth by connecting a JY-MCU Bluetooth serial  module.

Video of GCode simulator on PC making a 3d printing simulation:

Video of GCode simulator in Android environment:

Here is Steve Gerbers video of GCode Simulator running on ultra cheap Android tablet and working great with Cerberus delta printer:

For a full set of features and details visit GCode Simulator & Printer homepage


It has been updated and renamed: