Dec 26, 2013

Fully 3d printed speaker from Cornell's Creative Machines Lab

Speaker was fully 3d printed including metal coil at Cornell's Creative Machines Lab by Apoorva, Robert MacCurdy and Hod Lipson. To make it printable, the electronic components are made with two customizable 3D printers: a special silver ink extrusion is used for the coil and a viscous blend of strontium ferrite is used for the magnet.
It's the future people. We just need to get more synergy and merging of 3d printed plastic and 3d printed electronics.
I hope that projects that could empower every maker to print similar speakers like Spoolhead wire embedding 3d printhead RepRap will be revived and improved.



Josef Prusa also developed 3d printed speaker:

Update (29.4.2014.):

Disney Research presented interactive 3d printable embedded speakers: