Dec 12, 2013

Delta4 printer with four Delta printers stacked in a tower frame

There are four Delta 3d printers stacked in one frame making a small footprint production unit - a tower printer farm.

From video description:
Didn't mean to be misleading - this video is time lapse. Print speed is 60mm/s - times 4.
Calibration is simple - just calibrate the bottom bed and then adjust the three intermediate platforms to the correct height and level.
The guide rods are as-supplied length of six feet, effective build height is ~150mm/platform. A single belt and NEMA17 motor drives each apex. Using T5 with printed pulleys and I'll happily compare print quality with anyone who wants to argue the merits of GT profiles:)
 The design is based on MOST Delta 3d printer which has very detailed building guide: