Dec 25, 2013

Cartesio 3d printer

Cartesio is sturdy 3d printer / desktop cnc design by Jos Scheepers with aluminum frame that you can buy or build yourself. It comes in two sizes: bigger Cartesio W and smaller Cartesio M.

Cartesio W description from the project page, it is priced at 2099 euro (Cartesio M is priced at 1699 euro):
The CartesioW V0.9 has a massive build volume of 400x200x200mm and comes standard with a 3D print extruder and a large Heated buildplatform
If you want other tools (engravers, plotters,...), please select them in the Tools catagory.
The Lead time for this product is currently : 3-6 weeks after payment has been received
We can also assemble Cartesio for you.
  • Cartesio is a feature rich profesional CNC router.
  • It supports a wide range of tools ig. 3D-print extruder and engraver.
  • It is possible to print multiple colors, or materials.
  • unique features :
  • quiet printing
  • very rigid build platform which does not move in X,Y direction.
  • high precision GTM (gantry tool movement)
  • automatic printhead cleaning
  • large build volume of 400x200x200mm (X,Y,Z) M(edium)
  • printable upgrades
  • optional engraving tool with software speed control
  • CDC (cable drag chains) cable protection

other features:
  • stand alone printing
  • moveable, due to its rigid design
  • prints small and large detailed objects
  • prints rigid construction elements
  • high speed printing

Project homepage:

Cartesio wiki and building instructions:

You can alos find them on Thingivers under:

CartesioW and smaller CartesioM comparison