Dec 21, 2013

3d printable asthma inhaler

Holly from England made this 3d printable asthma inhaler. Hopefully the design will be open sourced in the future.

From source blog:

My fully functioning asthma inhaler design for my uni project is 3d printed in ABS. I tried to work my design around ergonomics:

  • The back part is completely rounded to enable it to fit in your hand more comfortably
  • Flat parts on the side add for grip along with the slightly curved in front.
  • The smaller but longer mouthpiece is so you can fit it better into the mouth to better take the medication.
  • Another feature is that it glows in the dark so you can find it quickly at night or in your bag, unfortunately due to costs, the glow in the dark ABS filament is far too expensive for me to afford.


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