Nov 8, 2013

X-winder DIY carbon fiber wrapper or start of DIY carbon fiber 3d printing revolution

X-winder wraps carbon fiber with epoxy on rotating object. It lowers the price of carbon tubes and elements by up to 80% compared to market prices.

When you look at it from broader perspective it is a from of 3d printer which prints with carbon fiber, it just needs to be upgraded and developed to be able to print non-rotating shapes with full x/y/z movement or at least to reinforce ABS/PLA parts with carbon fiber applied on their surface.

There were similar solutions on the beginning of DIY 3d printing machines development like this 3d printer which printed silicone on rotating tube:

There were successful applications of epoxy surface glued Kevlar and carbon fibers on regular ABS/PLA 3d printed parts which gave them amazing strength:

For next level in carbon printing we need to bring those concepts in a single machine.
Hopefully there will be someone to develop this idea further.

X-winder kickstarter:

X-winder home page:

X-winder PDF brochure:

X-winder technical specifications for standard 4 foot model and expanded 8 foot model