Nov 14, 2013

Theta printer - 4 extruder polar 3d printer in development

Interesting looking polar 3d printer developed by RepRap forum user unlimitedbacon. He calls it "3d printing record player". The rotating circular build plate is called the ϴ ("theta") axis and the swinging arm is called the R axis. They replace the  X and Y coordinates in a standard 3d printer.

  • 4 extruders for multiple colors and materials
  • 320 mm print platter (meets or exceeds the area of current RepRaps)
  • 80425 mm^2 print area
  • 0.084 degrees/step angular resolution (ϴ Axis)
  • 0.20 mm/step linear resolution (R Axis)
  • it comes in two versions. The lasercut edition and the reprap edition (printed parts and threaded rods)

Development process on RepRap forum:,178379

Update (26/12/2913), Theta 3d printer is now moving and running: