Nov 18, 2013

Rostock BI V1.0 3D Printer released on Thingiverse

You can now build this great looking delta yourself. Boots industries released the files since their new printer BI v2.0 is coming out.

From Thingiverse description:
Ask questions in our forums.
Learn how to strings the towers here.
Learn how to calibrate the towers here.
Learn how to properly calibrate the Ramps 1.4 pots here.
The Rostock BI V1.0 was sold at Boots Industries in fully assembled and kit form.
Our popular version of the Rostock printer by Johann features a cable drive and several other key modifications/improvements.
All parts shown were printed using our Super Premium PLA Filament.
Comes with everything you need to build your own or improve upon the design:
All Sketchup models, ready to print stl trays and additional exploded view models and pictures.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you want help with your build!
Quick specs:
  • Printer Dimensions (LxWxH): 380 mm X 330 mm X 580 mm
  • Build Volume (cylindrical): 170 mm Diameter X 155 mm Height
  • Maximum Operating / Printing Speed: 200 mm/s
  • Minimum Layer-height: 100 Microns (0.10 mm)