Nov 14, 2013

New 3d printed eyewear: Mykita Mylon and Patrick Hoets custom titanium frames

I found two new examples of 3d printed eyewear:

Mykita Mylon 2012 3d printed collection

Their collection is customizable for each buyer and it is produced by SLS in patented polyamide material.

From company page:

In 2007 MYKITA began experimenting with the polyamide material, aiming to pioneer it in the production of spectacles. After years of research MYKITA developed a complex process that creates a sophisticated finish in several steps and gives the frames a unique visual and tactile appeal. MYKITA named the new material MYLON and has since won recognition for the development process in the shape of the 2011 iF material award.

Patrick Hoets custom 3d printed titanium frames

Company is based in Belgium.

From company page:

HOET proudly presents a new concept in eyeglasses.

After four years of research and development, Hoet has launched the ‘Made in Belgium’ 3D laser-printed eyeglasses made of titanium. The 3D technology offers a number of unprecedented options in terms of design. In addition, this technology is eco-friendly – a feature that must not be overlooked. The form is essential; the technique is a tool to achieve that form…
The Hoet Couture eyeglasses fit in well with the “classical” Hoet collection. They too, are modern and beautiful. Quality and comfort as always are the basic precepts.
The eyeglasses are rust-free and anti-allergic, light, yet durable and well-fitting.
Conspicuously inconspicuous and inconspicuously conspicuous


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