Nov 11, 2013

LOHAN Vulture 2 rocket powered 3d printed DIY spaceplane

Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator's (LOHAN) Vulture 2 rocket powered spaceplane is near space aircraft lifted by helium balloon into high atmosphere. After release this 3d printed GPS guided spaceplane flies and lands powered by rocket engine to predesignated spot. Now, how cool is that?

Project and spaceplane  presentation:

Prototype test flight:

LOHAN Vulture 2 3d printed spaceplane

LOHAN Vulture 2 coverage:

LOHAN Flickr photo stream:

LOHAN Vulture 2 mission summary:

They explored SLS 3d printing as production method and they made a video with SULSA from Suothampton University:

Here is first post on Southampton Uni 3d printed SULSA airplane:

Also, do keep in mind students who developed and successfully tested 3d printed metal rocket engine:

Future of space exploration is DIY and 3d printed.

Update (6.9.2014.):

LOHAN crew has new video out, with more material, tests, autopilot simulations and mission summary.