Nov 12, 2013

Interesting 3d printing mythbusting by Joris Peel

Joris Peel starts his presentation with pottery wheel and showing how everything associated with DIY 3d printing can be applied to pottery wheel. He makes some very valid points about state of public awareness about 3d printing and gives some pointers how to improve the public perception and knowledge by building realistic expectations. One of the important points is the incredibly high price of ABS / PLA filament.

From video description:
Joris Peels is a heavyweight 3D printing industry commentator who never shies away from a discussion and is never short of an educated, animated opinion. His TCT Show + Personalize 2013 Mythbuster session was no exception, as Amsterdam-based Joris' 'Broken Dreams on the Desktop' presentation served to blow away any media fluff surrounding the possibilities of 3D printing and engender a realistic understanding of the technology among his audience.
One thing I didn't knew:
Millions of individualized hearing aids are made each year and it's one of the largest applications of additive manufacturing in a consumer-facing product - and the largest example of a true mass customization product. Amazing stuff but no one knows about it. 


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